Sunday, May 13, 2007

Cleaning the Kitchen

I spent Thursday and Friday cleaning. It is amazing what preparing for a guest will do to me. I found myself dusting the wires that come out of the back of the stereo cabinet. Seriously now, only my husband's engineering students would ever get a tour of the wires at our house, but I dusted some anyway, just in case. I started straighteneing one shelf in the kitchen, and before I knew it I was doing spring cleaning, only I didn't get to the cupboard doors where we have a finger print collection. I moved the baking pans to the top shelf, because I don't make pies or cupcakes very often. I moved the heavy glass salad and mixing bowls from the high shelves to the lower shelf, so even the kids can get them out put them away. And then I can too, with out using as stool, as I'm not very tall myself. I found two boxes worth of kitchen things that I think I'll give away.

Over the last few months I've been decreasing our microwave use, trying to use the stove top when ever I can. So I decided to see if we could live without it completely, so it got moved out to the shop. That microwave wasn't very big, but it was very heavy. To get it out of the kitchen, I set it on my wheeled computer chair. Then I drove it to the front door where I had my son waiting with his wagon so he could pull it out to the shop for storage. I'll leave it there for a little while, just in case we find we really need it afterall. But I know it is so heavy, that I'm not going to be very motivated to move the thing again. I guess if someone really wants to heat up something in the microwave, they can run out to the shop. There are plug-in's out there too.

And just so you can see how deep I was in the mess, my daughter took a photo to prove that I really did it all and survived. The kitchen is tidy once again.

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La Tea Dah said...

Years ago we did the same thing. The microwave got banned to the garage and finally was yard saled. We never missed it. But then. . .DH had to go gluten free and was living on corn chips (well, not really, but when he was cooking he was). So, we got a small microwave for him to make baked potatoes as his staple food when he needs something quick. That, and popcorn, is about all we use it for now. The debate over the microwave is interesting. What does your husband think about it? Is it really possible that the molecular structure of food is changed by the electrical waves the microwave puts out? My dad says "no", but hmmmmmm, I still wonder (as you can tell!). Whatever, I'm all for limiting it's use.

Ann said...

We had weekend guests recently and I thought I'd never finish cleaning, I kept finding new things to clean. I sure was happy with the result!