Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Three Little Froggies

We don't have any pet snakes in the house, but we do have some pet frogs. Three to be exact. The first one was given to Forest by his friend Julianna, who also adores all God's little creatures. She has a wonderful collection of "pets" found in the forest about her home. The frog she gave him was a real croaker at first, too much of a croaker for their house, so it came to our house. Thankfully, our house is bigger then theirs, and his croaking didn't last too many nights. He was really quite cute when he croaked. His little white throat would puff out like a balloon.

Since then Forest has found two new froggie buddies on our property, and they joined "Croaker" in a larger tank. The tank has a rock, some moss, a floating boat, a stick going up, and a cardboard balcony that the kids wedged in between the two sides of glass. Amazingly, the frogs really like the balcony, and often one of the three will be sitting up there.

When Forest catches a fly for them, things get really exciting in the tank. He slips it in and quickly slams down the lid, lest a frog hop all the way out when he is jumping after a fly. As soon as the fly starts buzzing inside all three frogs are instantly alert. And within seconds one of them has propelled himself through the air and caught it before it even knew where it was. It is amazing how quick they are, quicker then the average house fly, which I think is incredibly quick. But then Forest is quicker then the average house fly now too, because he is catching quite a few every day to feed his hungry charges.

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carrie said...

Those are interesting froggies! None of those around here.

By the way, I tagged you for this thingy. Read about it on my blog, if you want. No big deal, though.

Shereen said...

lol Thanks for the good laugh. I pictured Forest leaping through the air catching the fly like one of the froggies. lol Sorry, couldn't help it. He must really be fast to be able to catch them. Those are so cute. I have to call the boys over to come see.

Pamela said...

we're going to get some tadpoles for our little backyard pond

love love love to hear frogs at night