Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Seven Random Facts About Me

Carrie at Organized Chaos has tagged me. And since it appears I am one of her two faithful commenters, I'd better go ahead and do my assignment. According to Carrie, here are the rules "in a nutshell : *7 random facts/habits, *post these rules, *tag 7 other people, *leave them a comment that they are tagged.

1. I rarely eat a "normal" breakfast. If I eat cereal, it is cooked. Right now I am eating my breakfast salad, a green one with lots of veggies and covered with tahini, lemon juice, onion powder, garlic powder and salt. I know I'm nuts, but I feel really good and energetic when I eat this way, even though I drink no coffee. If I don't have a salad for breakfast, I have a green smoothie, or some fruit, or a fruit salad. Occasionly we fix a breakfast like I showed you for Mother's Day

2. I'm only 4 feet 8 inches tall. Probably the shortest person you know, but I don't have dwarfism issues. I'm just short.

3. I'd love to be a homebirth midwife. I gave birth to my children at home, and then was an assistant for my midwife for a while. Being with newborns in such a positive environment really energizes me.

4. I had an insect collection that I started in 7th grade. They were eaten by other insects by the time I was finished with college, so alas, I don't have an insect collection anymore.

5. I love pretty china plates and dishes. I love to serve food on pretty dishes. I especially like the ones that have wildflowers, leaves, pine cones or other things from nature on them. I'd buy them all, but I restrain myself, when I think about the small amount of space I have to display them.

6. Besides singing, I play the guitar, piano (some), ukulele, autoharp, and tenor recorder. I want to learn to play the Celtic harp next. I have composed music in the past with my guitar, but have a hard time writing it out with more then guitar chords. When first coming to college my high school voice teacher encouraged me to join a competition for a $200 scholarship. I can't believe I won. She had me sing a classical piece that I think was something about "lavender in her hair." I think they were hoping that I'd become a music major. Maybe I should have, because I'm not using the education major I acquired, at least for pay.

7. I've tried to sell different things before, but discovered that it is not the job for me. I hate to ask someone to buy something that they can't afford, or don't need. When I sold rubber stamps, I was always telling my customers how to do stamping in the cheapest way and still come out with nice results.

I think that is enough. Glad they didn't ask for 10 things. I can't think of anymore.

I'm going to break the rules now and not tag anyone specifically. If you are reading my blog, and want to be tagged, I hear by tag you.

3 bouquets of wildflowers (Comment here):

Shereen said...

Wow, you have been busy posting away. I have lots to catch up on. It was nice getting to know you a little better. That's so nice to be able to play all those instruments. Do you play any just at home when you all have family worship. My dream is to play the piano, so I can play it for family worship just for us. ;0)

carrie said...

I love random facts about people! Thanks for sharing. We should get together and jam. When I get to Washington, that is...

Pamela said...

I hate to "sell", too