Thursday, May 24, 2007

Studying for the Test

I've been attending the amateur radio class my husband has been teaching all this quarter. There is one class left, tonight. Then next Thursday will be the technician level exam. Yikes. The material in the class still makes my mind turn off and wander to greener pastures. I know my husband would be so happy if I had my license, so I don't have the heart to just quit, even though every Thursday I can think of many other things that I could be doing instead of attending class. And up until this morning I haven't studied outside of class at all. I am really struggling inside of myself over this. I probably should be studying. So this morning instead of spending much time blogging, I went to a site that gives practice tests so you can see if you are ready for the real test. Surprisingly I passed the first one I took. So I took another one, which I didn't pass. I made myself take four tests altogether, and I passed half of them. So I have a 50/50 chance of passing a real test. There are 35 questions on a test, and I have to pass at 75%. The questions come from a question pool with around 600 multiple choice questions in it. I realized that there is some knowledge I am missing that wouldn't be hard to learn. So I figure that I'd better go ahead and read through the study book we have on my own before next Thursday, so I've been exposed to all the possible information, Then even if I don't know the frequencies I can operate on by heart, and everything there is to know about watts, voltage and Single Side Band, I should still pass. At least I hope I pass.

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VJ said...

EJ, I grew up with a "ham", but I still crammed (I mean HOURS on the phone with my dad) for two days before I took my test. I did it as a surprise for my then-fiancee (now my husband.) What he told me, which was horror to my teacher ears was to memorize the answers to the questions, because you really won't understand the material until you start to use it in your work with the radio. So do it. Memorize those answers.

But, when I studied for my General test, believe me I STUDIED!!! I passed my general's with flying colors!

Now the code test on the other hand... I literally wrote down what I heard. I heard a dash, I wrote a dash. I heard a dit, I wrote a little dot. Then I went back and translated all the dits and dashes into letters and numbers. The VE's had to consult among themselves to decide if I'd taken the test legally. They decided I did but warned me never to do it again.

Good luck. If I can do it, you can, too.


La Tea Dah said...

I hope you pass too! I remember studying for that exam --- and I could think of a million other things I would rather do as well!