Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ham Test

I found out I don't have to take the ham test this week. Yea! I have one more week to study, or should I say put off studying. I think I'll go out and check on the garden right now. ; )

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Anonymous said...


Just a note of encouragement on your Ham test. My husband and I took our tests in the 80s and one of my favorite contacts was from New Zealand as he had visited Washington and knew right where I lived.

Vera in Washington State.

VJ said...

EJ, I've been able to reach every state in the union twice over (yes that includes AK and HI), most of the Canadian provinces, as well as Mexico, Spain, England, and one or two countries in the former Soviet Union. And this was done with a thrown diapole tied to the clothes line post.

What a great geography lesson for your kids to mark each location as you make contact. Don't put off studying! Make this a lesson in getting important stuff done - NOW! You don't want to teach your kids to be procastinators, do you?

(OK, so there's a little guilt trip there, but my student Paula can tell the pitfalls of waiting to the last minute.)